Sliding Windows

Timber sliding windows or timber stackers are very easy to open and close as they slide along a track. 


You would typically use them when you want to create an open look and good ventilation yet don’t want the window jutting into or out of the room, obstructing access, as is sometimes a consideration for bi-folds. This makes them an excellent choice for rooms facing walkways, decks or verandahs. Horizontal sliders are a favourite for contemporary style homes.

They require minimal maintenance to ensure smooth operation and are one of the longest lasting window types available because they are well supported at the top and bottom. They can be fitted with keyed locks for added security and can use frosted or other types of glass if privacy is needed.

One of the great appeals of the stacker design is its opening flexibility. You can slide just one window open or more, depending on the weather or interior conditions if you want to allow for more airflow. In this way you have considerable control over ventilation. They are a particularly good choice if there is only one window in the room.


Eden Made timber sliding windows are one of the longest lasting window types available and a favourite for contemporary homes.
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