Fixed Windows

Fixed, sashless or timber picture windows are fixed windows that do not open. 


They are the perfect choice for:

  • difficult to reach places to let in light, particularly north facing winter sunshine
  • maximising views where you want no obstruction lines in the view
  • letting in natural light without cold air in areas of a room that may be most susceptible to drafts
  • making an architectural statement.

People may use them in a series so they create a portrait-like space on walls. Or they may use them like a glass wall incorporating suitable safety glass. They can also be accompanied on the side by casement, sliding or double hung windows to allow some airflow and ventilation.

These days fixed timber windows can be very large (10m2) really giving you the sense that you are part of the outside world while creating wonderfully bright natural light for your interiors.

Tinted and double glazed glass and other options can ensure your fixed window provides solid insulation for summer and winter.

Eden Made fixed windows maximise views and light, and make an architectural statement.
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