Bi-fold Windows

Bi-fold timber windows are highly popular in Queensland because of their ability to enhance the openness of our homes or retail premises. While providing safe and secure windows, their wide-opening system allows for maximum air circulation and view.


With bi-folds you have the option of having multiple panes or folds to suit the area you want to open up.

Some times called concertina windows, bi-folds open up all of the frame area with the windows stacking on the outside or inside of the opening. They can stack all to one side (left or right) or open out from the centre.

Our bi-fold windows have discreet hardware with bearings running along the sill tracks allowing for top and bottom fitting or top hung only. This is a popular and common use for timber bi-folds creating a servery from your kitchen that opens on to a verandah or outdoor dining area.

Bi-fold windows enhance the openness of your home.
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