Bi-fold Doors

Eden Made timber bi-fold doors help you unfold your living space and fold your walls away.


Our external bi-fold doors are superb if you require a safe door system offering a wide opening onto a deck or verandah, effectively doubling or tripling your living space.

You typically would use this type of doors when you want that indoor outdoor flow but your wall length isn’t massive as they can stack to one or either side giving you a maximum opening for your space. Bi-fold doors are a popular solution for indoor outdoor living and can be combined with pull across screen solutions or sliding or stackable screens if required.

Working with our screen partner we can recommend the optimum solution. For some, this is exterior screens around your outside deck meaning no obstruction to indoor / outdoor flow.

Our Bi-fold doors are designed with a water barrier sill to help provide protection from water penetration.

Unfold your living space and fold your walls away with Eden Made timber bi-fold doors.
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