After working with Accoya for over three years and producing outstanding joinery, Eden Made’s has become accredited through Accsys’ international Accoya Joinery Certification Scheme (AJCS) for their Accoya expertise.

Accsys is an innovative UK Company responsible for creating Accoya, the world’s leading high-technology wood, and Tricoya panel products.

Eden Made first started working with Accoya in 2016, in new owner Grant Pratten’s first year in the business, as he strove to broaden their timber range with more sustainable and durable offerings.

Accoya is modified timber in which a process called acetylation, a cutting-edge patented technology, enables it to resist rot, defy the elements and stay strong for decades. Guaranteed for 50 years above ground and 25 years in ground or water, it is an extremely durable and dimensionally stable timber product.

Within Australia, Accoya is supplied by Britton Timbers who nominated Eden Made for the creditation based on Eden Made’s high level of craftsmanship and quality – a fact also noted by visiting Accsys UK Joinery Consultant, Lee Parrott, who called Eden Made’s creations, “great looking jobs, very classy.”

Accoya Expertise

Eden Made has completed 10 large Accoya projects to date for clients from Byron Bay to Brisbane and Noosa featuring a range of different treatments and purposes, developing their Accoya expertise and experience along the way.. This includes external dark coloured French doors, large natural- stained barn doors, internal white 2 pac cavity sliders for a library, amongst others.

Almost twice the price of timbers like New Guinea Rosewood, Accoya is a premium product that is perfect for joinery, said Grant Pratten, Eden Made’s Managing Director.

Its broad appeal is due to many factors including its ability to:

  • Require less oiling maintenance than most timber joinery
  • Can be coated in dark paints – a challenge for mosttimber joinery as this attracts greater concentration of heat
  • Can be covered in 2 pac for a smooth, modern and long-lasting finish.

Accoya performance and properties are remarkable, making it extremely long lasting and highly sustainable product. As such it will outlive many people and ticks the box for people wanting a solid environmentally-conscious product,” said Grant. “That said, we continue to provide range of sustainably sourced timbers to suit people’s budget, preferences and requirements.” You can read more about Accoya here.